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You Don’t Understand

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Welcome to the Behind The Billboard podcast. Here’s your host, Kris Lindahl.

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You don’t Understand. You don’t understand my industry, you don’t understand my company, you don’t understand me.

So I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the country and talk to so many business leaders in so many different industries. And one of the things that comes up all the time is “You don’t understand.”

Here’s what I want to share with you about that self-defeating thought: we do understand. Most people do understand because we’re working with the same human beings.

I find it so interesting that so many leaders that I talk to in different industries they always tell me, “Well, you don’t understand because you’re in real estate and I’m in ____.”

But what’s interesting about it is the principles are the same. And so, I want to do a quick video. I’m actually at a mastermind with some e of the highest performers in the country and I wanted to come over to the Lifetime fitness. It’s a little after 5 am and I wanted to shoot a little hoops.

I grew up playing basketball and sometimes I like to bring back the passion of the old days. I wish I was still as fast and still could hit some of the shots that I used to, but it is still enjoyable.

And I was thinking about this as I was shooting, I thought, “What value could I give to my community that I think would help so much that I notice over and over again?

There are commonalities in the way that people talk, the way that people think almost everywhere that I go in every industry. And it’s always, “You don’t understand.”

And I always ask the question, “Oh, what don’t I understand?” And what’s interesting about it is that, most leaders, when I ask that second question, what don’t I understand, they realize.

And I want to share that with all of you because, ya know, whether it’s a sales industry where you have opportunities or leads and its, “well you don’t understand the leads aren’t great.” Or you don’t understand I have this going on, or you don’t understand. And it’s just a constant you don’t understand.

I just wanted to share this quick video with you and remind you, we do understand and you need to understand. And I think that will change and you will have a huge breakthrough. If you really start focusing on the words that you’re using.

The other part of this that I hear often is that I hear people invent the future. Well, you don’t understand, Kris, if I do that this is going to happen. And I say, “well have we had the future yet? Did it happen?” And often times I say that jokingly, and they say no it hasn’t happened yet. I would also challenge you don’t invent the future because you don’t know what’s going top happened yet.

I share these two thoughts with you and I hope they’re helpful. Ya know, I’ve just learned over the years that the words that we choose make such a difference in the impact in that we make in the world. So, be careful when you use the words you don’t understand. Or when you start to invent the future.

So, I’m gonna shoot just a few more baskets and then I’m gonna get my workout done. I just wanted to do this video and share it with all of my followers in our community. And just once again thank you so much for supporting me and supporting our businesses, it’s much appreciated.

If you have further questions on this or you want help, like always, I’m always here to help. That’s all I’ve got., but let’s be careful using words you don’t understand and let’s not invent a future that doesn’t exist.

Go crush it today! BOOM!

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