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This is about humanity, not business. Now is the time to Be Generous.

Kris Lindahl: 00:00 This is about humanity, not business. I wanted to check in on everyone in our community to see how everyone’s doing, to see if there’s anything that we can do to help. This is a difficult, tough times for so many and we’re fortunate to be in a position where we can help a lot of people. So many people have been impacted, you know, I think about the meaning of home, you know, that that meaning of home has never been more relevant than today. I know so many people are at home, probably going a bit crazy.

New Speaker: 00:32 Kids are driving them crazy, but I wanted to talk to everyone. I want to pick your brain and see how we can help in the community. We’ve already been doing quite a few things and I want to share some of these things with you because I think it’s super important. We have started to hire drivers that work for Uber and we are delivering groceries to them. So if there’s anyone watching or if you know anyone that’s in need of groceries or anything that they’re not able to get right now, I’ll personally hire drivers and pay grocery bills for anyone that needs it right now.

New Speaker: 01:00 I know this is a super difficult time for so many and I will spend every dollar I have to help everyone that I know. I’m not just saying it. I will do anything right now to help everyone. I think we’re in a moment right now where so many people need help, and I truly believe that this is just the beginning too. You know, I think it’s going to get a bit worse before it gets better. And I just want to share with all of you if you have suggestions or anything like that, that you think would be helpful, I’d be glad to do anything.

Speaker 1: 01:27 And not only for people that we’re connected to in the community personally, but businesses are getting absolutely destroyed right now. So many small businesses are really struggling. So the other thing that I want to do is I want to help anyone I possibly can in business, whatever that means, whether that’s that they need resources, they need advice, whatever it is, I’ll deploy anything I possibly can to help as many. I started a Facebook group, which is Q and A with Chris Lindahl. For anyone that’s in business, business leader, any questions? If you join that group, I’ll go live every day.

New Speaker: 02:02 I’ll do anything I can to help all of you. It’s my commitment. My calendar is wide open to help everyone right now. I’m not saying that I’m an expert by any means, but I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs throughout my career and if I can provide just a little bit of guidance and the things that we’ve been through, I’d be happy to do it. And I think that those things matter so much right now. The other thing I’d love to do is I have a lot of advertising and I want to share a little story about what we have going on right now. And, you know, some of the difficult decisions that we’ve had to make with our advertising.

New Speaker: 02:36 I fundamentally don’t believe that it’s appropriate for Chris Lindahl Real Estate to be advertising and marketing, you know, guaranteed offers in advertising, livestream showings and all of these things. Cause I believe at the end of the day, the number one thing we have is our integrity. In a moment where we are in our country and the things that we have going on, I don’t think it’s appropriate to advertise and market a business the way that we have in the past.

New Speaker: 03:02 And so we’ve hit the pause button. We are looking to donate our advertising space to other businesses, other small businesses that need it. So if there are businesses that need billboards, that need radio, that need TV, that needs social media, that need advice, need production, whatever is needed, I’ll donate whatever we have. I know that this is going to be a difficult road for so many businesses and I will absolutely do whatever I can to help you.

New Speaker: 03:28 The other thing that I would share is that I know that there are a lot of people that I’m connected to in the business community that maybe aren’t facing tough times financially. But what I’d share with you is that your leadership, what you know, your talents in all of those other things that you’ve learned and your time, you can give that back right now. It doesn’t have to be monetary, right? I fundamentally believe that we’re in a crisis and when things are tough, that when we commit to giving back and helping others, that’s what’s going to help our country together. And so if you have anything to give, it doesn’t have to be money.

New Speaker: 04:00 I think now is a great time to do that. And anything else or any suggestions that anyone has on how I can help in any way possible, you have my commitment 1000% whether you’re local in Minnesota, whether you’re outside of the State, I will do whatever it takes to help you. That is 100% my commitment. You know, and I hope that everyone that I’m connected to is doing well right now. I know it’s not easy, you know, I mean, we’ve never faced anything like this. I couldn’t imagine that something like this would ever happen. It’s going to be tough on a lot of people and that’s why together we have to be there for each other.

New Speaker: 04:34 I think what’s important is supporting everyone that’s going through difficult times. I’ll tell you, I’ll share a little story about what I’ve been seeing just in my industry and I think it’s pretty disturbing to be honest. You know, I see so many real estate agents that are posting about, Oh, just sold another house. I’m on vacation. Look at me on this beach, I’m all successful. Or I’d love to help you with, you know, food and this and this, but Oh, by the way, I’m in real estate, or here’s my company. Please use this or refinance or buy or sell, our rates are low.

New Speaker: 05:03 And I’m watching all of these things happen and I think it’s flat out disgusting. I think it’s flat out disgusting that people are so greedy and so self centered that all they want to talk about is their business. When people are in an absolute crisis right now. And I want to make sure that the number one thing that we do inside our companies is that we do the right thing and we give back to the community. Because giving back and having our integrity is far more important than doing business right now. And that’s my commitment 1000%.

New Speaker: 05:31 And it’s amazing to me how many people think that success is about money. You know, I’ve seen so many people throughout the years that continuously chase things and money and all these things. Those are the exact same people that right now are posting about their business, when people are struggling. I mean in Minnesota, all of our restaurants close tonight at 5:30 and it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, by the way. I’m actually not wearing green. I should be. I’ve got a little bit of Irish in me. But you know, I think all these businesses that had to close, you know, and I took a few hours today and I went for a walk just to reflect on the impact that this is going to have on so many.

New Speaker: 06:06 And we’ve got other people in business that are posting disturbing things about success and how things are so amazing and it’s not good for humanity and it’s embarrassing for human population. And some of it’s specific in our industry and I can’t stand watching it to be honest. And so I want you everyone to know that follows me here, you know what’s interesting is I decided to do this Facebook live on my personal Facebook, which is where I first started my journey in real estate.

New Speaker: 06:33 And these are most of the people that know me the closest. And I said, I want to do something that’s super close to the people that I know that have supported me from day one, and I’ll do absolutely anything I can. And I want every single person that’s watching this to take me up on every piece of it. Whether that’s, you know, having our drivers go out that we’ve hired to deliver groceries, we’ll cover the expenses or that’s working with businesses to help them either financially or through coaching or whatever that is.

New Speaker: 07:03 It took me 48 hours to really think through what we were going through and, you know, and then I know anyone that’s, you know, that’s had to issue some sort of public response or figure out, you know, how they’re going to get a message out to their company or to their people, as every day that goes by. It’s constantly changing. What we thought Sunday was different than Monday and what we thought Monday is different than today. It’s changed fast. And, you know, we have a lot of people that are in fear and I think there are a lot of people in this world right now that can step up and be leaders and help a lot more than they are right now.

New Speaker: 07:33 And I think the number one reason that is, is cause I think a lot of times when people here give back or help the word help, they think that that means monetary. And I can tell you that there are a lot of people right now that need to make some critical decisions in their life quickly, whether that be financially, personally, or whether that be financially for their business. And there’s a lot of people that don’t have anyone to turn to. By no means do I have it all figured out. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. So if I could share with some of you some of the mistakes that I’ve made so you don’t have to make them, I’d be glad to.

New Speaker: 08:05 But I will do anything possible. I will not stop until I’ve helped as many people as I possibly can. I will go on any podcast, I will make appearances, I will do anything. I’ll shoot videos, radio ads, TV ads, I’ll donate them to businesses. I’ll do whatever I possibly can to help you have my commitment to do whatever it takes. And I have so many in my company that would do the same thing. This isn’t about real estate right now.

New Speaker: 08:31 This is about helping other human beings and having humility and delivering to that, and so I know that things might get a little bit tougher here and I would just challenge everyone to continue to have a positive message, whether that’s leading your family, your community, the people that follow you on social media. We need it right now. We can’t just continue to watch the media and post all this negativity. We need some positive things. We really do, and I’d be glad to jump on any Facebook lives, Instagram lives or any podcast, video cast, whatever you want me to do.

New Speaker: 09:03 I’m here to donate my time 24 hours a day for the upcoming weeks to anyone that I can help or that needs it. We’ll send groceries to anyone we can. We’ll deploy every single resource that we have available to us to help everyone right now, and you have my commitment 100%, this is what it’s about. It’s about coming together as a community. You know what, business will be there later. We can do business later, but right now we’ve got to help each other. Just send me a message, reach out to me.

New Speaker: 09:31 Anything that you can possibly think of that you think I can help with, I’m here for everyone. I really am. Or maybe you know someone that you know is struggling. Maybe there’s people that you know that they feel like they’re in a position where maybe they don’t want to ask for help or they’ve always been independent. You know, maybe that’s the perfect person that you send me a private message. I’m not looking to publicize this. I’m not looking to stand in front of someone and say, look at me. We help someone. This is 100% confidential, private, whatever we can do to help people, we will do.

New Speaker: 10:01 And this is not about business right now. This is about all of you and everyone that you know, you’re all an extension of our family. And so whatever we can do to help, we’ll do it. And I’m open to suggestions. You know, we’ve never been through a time like this. So we don’t know exactly what that, what this looks like. We don’t exactly know what to do. I don’t think including myself, I don’t know what to do. I know that I’ve got time, I know that we have resources. I know that we have things that we can deploy to help others right now. And that’s what we’re going to do.

New Speaker: 10:30 That’s, you know, we started our Be Generous Mission, and we have our 501C3, The Be Generous project, which is solely built to give back our time, treasures and talents. And we are going to show our community something that they’ve never seen before in the way that we’re going to give back. So if you’re a small business or you know someone, tag them, post them, copy me in a message, whatever I can do, I will literally do everything at this point until I’m completely out of money. Until everything is gone, you have my commitment, I’ll do whatever it is to help as many people as I can because it’s the right thing to do.

New Speaker: 11:05 I know that, you know what, down the road when things recover and we’re through this, our business will be just fine. But right now we have additional resources and we’re gonna give those back to the people that are in need that need them right now. So, you reach out to me. I’m open to any suggestions, donating, advertising, joining my Q and A with Chris Lindahl Group. Anything possible I can bring in other friends and mentors that I’ve had around the country. I can pretty much rely on any business, any mentor right now to come in and help anyone possible.

New Speaker: 11:35 It doesn’t matter, if you think the ask is too big for me. Ask it. And ask for more, cause I think we can do anything possible right now. I have a community of amazing people that have helped me throughout the years that I am 100% comfortable going and asking them for anything right now to help whoever we can. So that’s all I’ve got for right now. But post comments, send me messages. I don’t care what it is. I will do whatever I possibly can to help.

New Speaker: 12:02 Right now, I would just challenge other businesses that this is not about business right now. This isn’t about pretending that there’s some sort of normalcy, like things are normal cause they’re not. It’s about stepping up and helping other human beings. It’s the right thing to do right now. So let me know. Reach out to me. This is everything that we stand for and everything that we’re going to do. I fundamentally believe that I can help every single person that I’m connected to here, one way or another. So let me know how we can do it.