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“Why can’t I be like them?” — BTB #11 One on One

Behind The Billboard podcast – Season 1, Episode 11 – SHOW NOTES

(0:00 – 0:15) – INTRO

(0:15) – Kris Lindahl

Why can’t I be like them? Have you been in a moment where you’ve compared yourself to another person? Another family? Another business? Another leader? I feel like we’re always ourselves to someone else.

But what’s interesting about the world we live in, is we compare our entire self to someone’s frontend social media produced life. I hear this over and over again. So I wanted to do this episode and just share with you that your life is amazing. Everyone has struggles and challenges in their life. Let’s stop comparing our entire world to someone’s social media produced life. I think too often… I think about reality TV. I think about Hollywood. I think about all of these materials out there that appear to be so important to people but really they’re not that important, we just always want to be someone else because things look so good for that family. Things look so good for that business. Things look so good for that person. 

But think about this. Think about the contrast. Think about the person that’s homeless right now- where in Minnesota it’s currently 15 degrees outside. We’re worried about so-and-so having “this.” Or that company having “that.” Or, “They got handed ‘this.’ Why didn’t I get ‘that’ opportunity?” When in contrast, there are people that have no food that are freezing right now.

So I just challenge you to get a better perspective on what you’re comparing yourself to because everyone has challenges. Everyone has struggles. But I think too often we start to compare ourselves to, really this, socially-produced world that doesn’t exist. So, make sure that you don’t fall into that trap where you’re trying to be someone that really you’re not. And remember that you’re amazing. What you’re doing in this world is incredible. You’re listening to this podcast so you’re trying to become a better business leader and to get more educated and open up your brain. That’s a step ahead of a lot of people.

So, I just wanted to remind you, don’t compare yourself to what it appears as a perfect life out there. It doesn’t exist.

In business, we have struggles and challenges every day. As we try to become a better person and a better leader, it’s not easy! That growth is really difficult. So, there are no shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to any of this. And here’s what I’ll leave you with. Success in business and success in growing as a person, and as a business leader can be boring at times. Make sure you’re okay being bored and that you don’t get distracted going to try to look like someone else. Be careful who you model yourself after. There are a lot of people out there that look like they have it all put together that really don’t. There are a lot of businesses, a lot of business leaders, a lot of people, a lot of families. Just make sure that you’re not comparing your entire self, your entire family, your entire business— really you— to someone’s frontend social media produced world. 

I challenge you to take a step back and realize that no one has it perfect. It’s not easy for. Anyone. It’s not easy for any family. It’s not easy for any business. It’s not easy to become a better person and a better leader. Stop comparing yourself. And really, use that contrast of the people that are out there in the world today that need our help. Let’s step up. Let’s level up to the next level. Stop comparing yourself to others and, let’s make a huge impact in this world. From now on, let’s not compare ourselves to anyone. Let’s just be committed to becoming a better person and a better leader. Let’s go out and be generous and give back our time, treasures and talents and let’s help people that are in need this holiday season.

(4:37) – OUTRO