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Traditional goal-setting doesn’t work. Kris reveals a more effective method for achieving what you want in life and being a better leader. — BTB #16 One on One

Behind the Billboard

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Welcome to the Behind The Billboard podcast. Here’s your host, Kris Lindahl.

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Do we really need goals? I’ve thought about this a lot and I’ve done a lot of reflecting as I look at we’re headed in 2019. What’s interesting to me is that every time I sat down and wrote out big, lofty goals and big exercises and these huge charts with all these different goals and what I was going to do in Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4… what my actionable steps were going to be to get me to those goals, I found that I never hit them.

What was even more interesting is I found that that sheet just made it in a drawer after a few weeks into January. I wonder if you feel the same way. These huge goals or this massive “why.”

“Why are you doing this?” It becomes so big that it’s unattainable. I felt, for years, that I had these goals that I really wasn’t even clear what they were. It kind of reminds me of all the different events I’ve been to in personal development as I’ve taken this journey to become better and stronger as a person and I take all these notes. Then I throw them in a drawer when I get home. Yeah, I have some takeaways, but I have pages and pages of notes that I never used to go back and revisit. Do you feel the same way about goal-setting?

I feel like it’s this thing that we’ve been trained to do in December or November depending on what your fiscal year is. We sit down and we write out these big, lofty goals and we’re going to solve all these things and we’re going to go back to the gym. We’re going to eat healthier. We’re going to do more business. We’re going to be a better person. Some of them are small. Some of them are huge. The problem is we don’t really lay out a plan to achieve them. We have these goals but we don’t talk about what we’re going to do daily to get there. I believe that if we talk about what we’re going to do daily, the goals work themselves out.

I’m actually not focused on big goals anymore because I know if I do the things I set out to do consistently day after day, the goals will come. The “why” will be there. So, think about it. Have you been trained to goal set? Or has anyone gone over why you need to do goals? Or why you think you need to do goals? Or is that just that herd mentality where that’s what everyone else did. They set goals. They gave me this sheet. They gave me this planner. They said that things need to be done this way.

So, here’s my question for you— What have you learned about yourself? Are you doing things because others told you to do them? Or are you doing them because you know that’s exactly what’s going to get you to the next level? Make sure you’re doing the right things for you because we’re all different. I’m going to share a few of the strategies that I use that have helped me get our company to the next level and helped me grow as a person— it’s micro-commitments.

So, I have three micro-commitments that I need to do every single day. If I do those three things, I know I’m in alignment with myself, and if I’m in alignment with myself, that means that I’m the best person in my business, I show up ready and willing to act. And when you’re right at the core, it helps you become a better leader. So make sure you have micro-commitments because small little micro- commitments— those are easier to attain. And when you attain something that you set out to do, you start to get momentum. When you get momentum, the brain releases dopamine and you start to feel better. That’s why if you look at where you’ve been at the most successful place in your career, it’s been when you’ve had momentum. You feel good. Things are going amazing. You don’t feel like you’re on this roller coaster. Everything you do, every person you talk to, good things happen. That’s because you have momentum. Now, the challenge is when you don’t have momentum, everything falls apart.

“I can’t catch a break.” “Nothing is working out for me.” “Why am I doing this?”

That’s why it’s so critical that each and every day you keep that momentum going. If you have lofty goals and you have the massive “why” it’s hard to focus on the day-to-day interaction. That’s where those small micro-commitments— if you focus on those each day and you’re doing that and you’re winning and you’re creating that momentum which is releasing dopamine— and the key to this is that you have to do it consistently. So if you’re doing it day, after day, after day, after day, what happens is thirty days.. sixty days… Q1… Q2… Q3… Q4…

If you can keep your foot on the gas with these simple micro-commitments, your numbers are going to work out, your ROI is going to work out, you’re going to show up a better person, you’re going to feel better, you’re going to have more joy… Everything works out when you simplify it.

Writing down these massive goals of how you’re going to change yourself into someone you’ve never been and that you’re going to change the world and these big dreams and big things… rarely do they and then you fall short. Then you’re down and you’re not in the right state of mind. So, focus on smaller things. What are those small, tiny, little hinges that can swing big doors? Those tiny, little things will make a massive difference in 2019 for you.

Don’t set these huge, lofty goals and visions that, quite honestly, you’re never going to attain, and probably but the end of Q1 you won’t even remember what they are. So, just go a little more simple this year and see if just by simplifying things it makes a huge difference.

We recently had our company party and I put together a worksheet that everyone spent 30-minutes filling out and we went over these things and we shared them in front of each other. What I said to our amazing group of human beings is, “By sharing these things, you’ll hit your numbers. I don’t even need to know what your numbers are.”

Now, writing your numbers down… there’s something about you committing to that number when you actually write it down, but I can tell you right now that if you do these things that are very simple, your numbers will work out. You’ll be a better person. I know it because I’ve done it long enough and I’ve studied human psychology to understand what’s important. We’re shooting too far ahead when we’re doing these massive goals.

Also, I just want to offer something up for free. If you guys want that worksheet, I’d be glad to share it with you. Just send me an email at Kris(at)BehindTheBillboard(dot)com. Just put in the subject line “2019 Worksheet.” We’ll reply back and we’ll give you a free copy of that worksheet. It’s a great exercise to do whether it’s your company or your leadership department or organization, whatever it may be. I found that this worksheet really gets people in alignment with where they’re going and it’s easy to attain. It’s not complicated. 
Remember, most people understand at a fourth-grade level when they read things the internet. Why are we trying to talk past what we comprehend and understand? Let’s simplify the message so it’s easy to attain. It will make a massive difference. I promise you.

If you want that worksheet for free, just send me an email. I’d be glad to give it to you. But remember those micro-commitments are meant to be simple where you can every day just make sure, “Did I accomplish these things?”

Then what happens is, make sure you’re consistent. When you write these things down and you want to make sure that you accomplish these micro-commitments, it’s important that you write it down because that shows you those small wins. The small wins are what creates the momentum and the dopamine, which really keep you going.

I know some of you that are listening right now know what it was like when you were in that state of mind— that’s why. So make sure with this small micro- commitments that you are doing this.

The next part of this, if you are struggling or if you did have moments of struggle in 2018 that you want to change for 2019, I can tell you single-handedly, the most important thing is you weren’t helping enough people. You have to get out and help more people. The number one core value at Kris Lindahl Real Estate is to “Be Generous” and to give back our “Time, Treasures and Talents.” So some of you listening might not have the treasures or the money to give back, but you might have some time. Or you might be an expert in your industry. You might be an expert in one thing that you could share with someone else that could impact their life. It could impact others. It could make a real, big difference in this world.

So, if you have moments of struggle in 2018 that you want to change for 2019, make it a point to help more people. It will make such a big difference in your life. I promise! I do it all the time. I have my struggles and when I’m out of alignment I know that I have to go help more people and make an impact. At the end of the day, I ask that question. “Did I make an impact today?”

If I can answer that question “yes” then I’m fulfilled.

It’s simple things. Let’s simplify the goals. Let’s simplify the commitments to something that you can actually achieve and create momentum so that you can absolutely crush 2019. I believe in you. I believe in simplifying. I think to often we’re too hard on ourselves and we’re trying to accomplish too much. Let’s simplify the message in 2019 and I want to check back with you at the end of the year and I want to hear what you accomplish because I truly believe you can do anything that you set your heart out to do if you simplify.

Best of luck in 2019 and go crush it!

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